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Becoming An Exceptional Executive Coach: Use Your Knowledge, Experience and Intuition To Help Leaders Excel…

The only book that helps you as coach find your own voice as a practitioner. In bringing together the craft and art of coaching, this book is a guide for ongoing coaching development whether you are a new or seasoned coach.

“The wisdom of these experienced coaches comes shining through on each page. A must-read for coaches at all levels and for organization that are serious bout developing leaders.”

Connie Chartrand Chief Learning Officer Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Here is what some people are saying:

Jan Rose

Partner, Mercer

"Becoming an Exceptional Executive Coach is an important book that will change the way coaches, consultants, and human resources professionals help executives perform. Even seasoned professionals will benefit from a renewed look at their personal model of coaching and alternate choices the authors provide."

Kim Lehmbeck

Manager Talent Development JetBlue Airways

"The guidance you will receive from this book will help you find the coach within you, a unique self that your clients will value. Executive coaching is an art, a discipline, a science and a craft. These folks get that and help you get it too.”

John Stallings

Director Organizational Effectiveness JetBlue Airways

"… a rare opportunity to jumpstart your effectiveness as an executive coach. The [authors’] program offered a truly unique experience … an opportunity to refine your coaching skills with actual clients (while experienced supervisors provided a safety net). Their approach bridged the gap between the theory and practice of executive coaching …must-have information for the new coach."

Hy Pomerance

Chief Talent Officer New York Life Insurance Company

"This book is an indispensible resource for people becoming executive coaches and for experienced coaches who want to be even better at it."

Dave Opton

Founder, ExecuNet

"Without question the most thorough explanation and guide I have seen for anyone engaged in coaching or aspiring to coach today’s business leaders."

Ed Hoare

Senior Vice President Global Commercial Operations Biopharmaceuticals, Pall Lifesciences

"The book is clear, straightforward and compelling. It provides a wonderful insight into highly successful executive coaching and I believe it will be extremely useful to coaches, sponsors and clients.

An essential companion for anyone involved in coaching. A well written book that gives equal emphasis to the parts played by the coach and by the executive sponsors and managers in a coaching engagement.

Directly addresses the fundamental question of executive coaching - how do we make this work for the business and for the individual.

This book offers a crisp, concise and compelling insight into how to excel in executive coaching."